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What does Rick Mercer, Jimmy Kimmel, Obama and beer have in common? Well they’re all featured on this weeks Sleeping With The Elephant of course! First up Ryan matches America’s Two Ferns with Rick Mercer being put to sleep by Harper but then promptly confuses Paul by talking about Quebec separatism. Also on the show we cover Jimmy Kimmel as he continues to talk about Rob Ford after his St. Patrick’s day incident, America measures stuff really weird (see below), and finally Obama has his NCAA bracket ready to go.

Big thanks to Marg who sent us an email (you can too) to recommend we check out the song We Got Stronger Beer by Tim Hicks. It’s kind of the perfect song for this show, thanks again Marg!

RMR: Rick and Stephen Harper

United States and How They Measure Things

We Got Stronger Beer by Tim Hicks