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This week we’re joined by special guest Jules Scott (@JulesRPG) of such podcasts as Tauren Think Tank, That TV Show and I Remembered It Better to chat about Tim Hortons, Johnny Depp, In-N-Out and the wonderful world of the NFL. First up we have the most Canadian drone story we could find: a drone delivering two Timbits to a man dressed in a Blue Jays hat and Maple Leaf jersey. Speaking of Tim Hortons, they recently launched their line of Dark Roast coffee, and to go with it they converted a location to be completely dark (complete with servers decked out with night vision goggles). In the news, Johnny Depp is teaming up with Kevin Smith in his obsession of Canada for Yoga Hosers, In-N-Out Burger popped up in Toronto for a little bit, and finally Ray Rice is in trouble and the NFL are just starting to care.