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After a one month hiatus Paul and Ryan return to chat about all the important issues affecting Canada and the United States of America. These hot button issues include ISIS, Ebola, slurping coffee and of course, the ever nefarious, geek weddings! That’s right, Ryan got married in September and he’s back to give us all the details on his big day and how he sprinkled as much geeky goodness as he could. In the news we have Pat Robertson calling for more firearms in Church (what?), gun owners are upset about new smart guns that authenticate that you are indeed the owner (WHAT?), and finally Tim Hortons explains why it’s important to slurp your coffee (ok, I give up…).

At the end of the show Ryan mentioned the Extra Life charity. On October 25th Ryan and others on the Gamers’ Inn team will be streaming video games for 24 hours in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals around the world. It’s an awesome charity and any support you can offer is greatly appreciated! So remember, donate and then tune in on the 25th for some gaming goodness! Find all the details at