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Not since Nerdtacular 2015 has a show of this magnitude been crafted as Sleeping With The Elephant welcomes back Jules and Jocelyn. Although we’re all out of apple pie whiskey. Jocelyn did us all a solid and watched Idiocracy before the show so we could comment on the writers reuniting to craft anti-Trump ads. Then the Canadians explain to Jules the most recent Canuck Controversy of #ElbowGate. Moving back to the Canadian news we have a story about MPs breaking into O’ Canada after voting on a bill that would make the anthem gender neutral. Finally, we close the show off with an infographic that finally breaks down which Americans follow through on their threats to move to Canada.

About Our Guests


You can find Jules on many places on the internet including Twitter, Tauren Think Tank, Case of the Mondays, Drinking and Swearing, JocePlays’ Heroes Ladies Night, and much more!


Find all of Jocelyn’s work at, follow her on Twitter and Twitch @JocePlays, check out her podcasts on Amove.TV including The Gamers’ Inn, The Angry Chicken, and Joce vs the World.

Random Canadian Face by @Corath

Ogopogo in Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia, Canada

Sleeping With the Elephant is a podcast where we Put the U in Colour Commentary. Join Paul and Ryan each episode as they make fun of each other’s countries.

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