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This week Scott Johnson guests on the show to chat about Pokemon GO, Canadian tall tales, and a whole bunch to do about Trump. Pokemon GO has folks getting into trouble, including a pair of Canadians that wandered into Montana while chasing the infamous Jigglypuff. A US realtor is capitalizing on the political climate but catering to sellers looking to move to Canada. Breaking news out of Randy Quaid today is not a surprise to anyone as he denounces Hilary and Bernie for Trump (his Twitter is a little NSFW, be warned). Finally, we close the show with the reality that Donald Trump is the official Republican Nominee.

Scott Johnson

Cartoonist and podcaster at FrogPants Studios, Scott lives near Salt Lake City, Utah and hosts many podcasts including TMS, The Instance, and FilmSack. You can also find Scott on Twitter at @scottjohnson.

Random Canadian Fact by @Corath

Kissing the Cod in Newfoundland

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