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Ryan is joined by the hosts of the Good, Bad, or Bull$#*! podcast: Beau, Crofton, and Mike. This week we cover a range of topics, but of course we start the podcast with a bit of bull. Trump is fairly OK with losing as it will net him a huge vacation, Conservatives use Milk cartons to find our Prime Minister, and a US Olympian is facing criticism for wearing a Canada hat.

About Our Guests

The Hosts of Good, Bad, or Bull$#*!

Beau: @BeauSchwartz on Twitter, featured on Good, Bad, or Bull$#*!, CORE, and Exclamation Mark.

Crofton: @CroftonSteers on Twitter, featured on Good, Bad, or Bull$#*!, and Exclamation Mark.

Mike: @mlhodgins on Twitter.

Sleeping With the Elephant is a podcast where we Put the U in Colour Commentary. Join Ryan and guests each episode as they make fun of each other’s countries.

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